Through the integration of several companies and services of the Thomas Greg & Sons Group we provide to governments a logistical organization that guarantees the credibility of the electoral system through transparency and efficiency.


We incorporate technological innovations that control the components necessary to keep a safe electoral process in accordance to the existing needs of each country. We strengthen democracy with reliable electoral results by reducing fraud attempts and the service of transparent and efficient electoral logistics, which is a necessary pillar for the credibility of the process.

What does our electoral process service include?

  • Citizen registration process.
  • Candidate registration process.
  • Electoral card position draws.
  • Supply of Voting electoral cards kit.
  • Supply of required support elements, such as cubicles, ballot boxes, tables, chairs, tents, amongst others.
  • Coding and certification of each of the elements that make up the table kit using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.
  • National and international distribution of electoral material according to distribution matrices provided by the government entity in charge.
  • Biometric authentication and validation of voters and juries.
  • Support and logistics deployment on election day.
  • Collection and digitization of electoral material.
  • Development of contingency plans.
  • Online recording and processing of results.
Since 1982 we work in the development of secure electoral processes.
+ 20,000 employees hired.


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