We welcome you to Thomas Greg & Sons' ethical line.

Thomas Greg & Sons has designed this section as a fundamental part for the prevention of risks related to national and transnational bribery, corruption or other criminal acts.

If you are aware of any activity or irregularity that may be involved with corruption, internal or external fraud, non-compliance with the Transparency and Business Ethics Program or Code of Ethics and Conduct, Dissemination of confidential information or others, you can report it in this space, taking into account that:

  • The line is totally confidential, guaranteeing your anonymity.
  • When reporting, please include as many details as possible; if you have evidence, attach it, this will help us in the investigation.
  • All reports must be based on real facts, so you should avoid using the site to make false reports.
  • If you need to make a request, complaint, claim or request you can do it through this page in the Directory section (emails) or through the Contact Us option (filling out the form).

You can also write to us at the following e-mail addresses:

Please fill in the following fields to make a complaint: